Charleston Women Summer 2022

29 www. Char l es tonWomenPodcas t . com | www. ReadCW. com | www. I ns tagram. com /Char l es tonWomen FOR QUALITY HEALTH PROVIDERS AND UNBIASED ANSWERS TO YOUR HEALTH QUESTIONS VISIT Many people inspire me, but one lady who does the most is my mom. She always corrects me when I misspeak, helps me along the way and speaks with grade words that help me improve my vocabulary, not only as an author but also as a human being. Another lady who inspired me when I was younger was Barbara Park, who wrote the “Junie B. Jones” books. I always thought it was so cool how it felt like I was reading from another child just like me. My third and fourth grade teachers, Mrs. Garcia and Mrs. Hollingsworth, also inspire me. They always lift me up and encourage me when it comes to writing. They inspire me to keep writing and always let me share my stories to the class, helping me follow my passion. I love the way they react whenever I read aloud. They clap and tell me how good my words are. Another author who inspires me is Rachel Renee Russell, who wrote “The Dork Diaries” series. Again, I love how it felt when I read her books and it was like a kid writing it. Also, I love all the twists and turns. Whenever I thought something would happen, the complete opposite would happen, making me go, “WHAT!?” The final two ladies are my grandmas. They listen to my ideas while giving advice on how to make my story better. Overall, there are many women who inspired me in my hopes to become a writer. Growing Strong Women Ladies Who Inspire Me BY SOF I A MACHOL L A STUDENT AT OAKBROOK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL charleston women